Shaky Knees

Saturday was a 12 mile treadmill run (hello achy knees) but I did it  and after I clenched my fists in celebration (something I started after finishing a hard workout…a silent celebration)

Afterwards I made a trip to Whole Foods to get some guac and turkey and pranced gracefully through the isles as if the mileage didn’t phase me…that lasted about two hours and then I felt like I was 80 and needed a cane.

Then the achy and not so good feelings of swollen sadness ensued…so instead of going out like I usually do on a Saturday I stayed in; three pillows piled high, I elevated my legs and noshed on a bag of cherries (cherries are great for inflammation) and read Wild, super good, about a girl from Minnesota who hikes the pacific trail solo.

The good news is that on Sunday, I woke up rested and my knees felt fine…so when in doubt,  when you are a bit sore, or swollen, eat some cherries and get some rest.

Below is a list of the benefits of cherries:

–          Study in the Journal of Nutrition showed that eating cherries  daily can reduce inflammation

–          Contains Lutein- an antioxidant that supports eye and cardiovascular health

–          Vitamin C

–          Potassium

–          About 3g of fiber per serving



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