No Vino.

The title of this blog post is scary.  NO VINO? Yes, I’m afraid so.  For the last month (it will be a month this coming weekend) I haven’t had any alcohol…and no, it’s not because I cannot live without out the stuff or was having “issues” it was just that I wanted to do a cleanse and knew it would be a great challenge.

10 Things about “no boozing” this month:

  1. Mondays feel great- awake and raring to go Monday morning.
  2. It has made me realize who the real “influencers” are AKA the people who push drinking
  3. Jeans fit better.
  4. Stomach is happier; less kefir and tums needed
  5. Sharper-feel more focused and put together
  6. Awareness of who the frequent drinkers are
  7. Face is less puffy; complexion is vibrant
  8. Workouts are more productive: more miles and higher intensity
  9. Realization of benefits and are going to go on month long challenges intermittently.
  10. Entertaining “no alcohol”  responses:

“You’re doing a what? Whyyyyyy?”

“Good for you, I couldn’t do that”

“Well that sucks”

“Sure you don’t want a vodka water?”

“Just have a sip, I won’t tell anybody”

“Champagne? It’s a gooood one!”

“You’re missing out, this wine is fabulous”

“You want a beer?” Reply: “I don’t drink beer and I am not drinking this month” Response: “wait so you are like… sober?”

“Ohhhh so your one of those healthy chicks”

“You don’t have a drink in your hand?” Answer: “nope, no I don’t” “what do you want?” Answer:  I am good, thanks” Reply: “Oh, ok cool, I will get you some tequila”

“Wait, you’re not drinking?! It’s your birthday!!!…you’re going to be sober on your birthday?!”

…And the best yet….standing with a glass of water (no ice) “heyyyyy, what do you got in there?”Reply: “Vodka, yea I am hardcore” taking a sip and pretending to wince.

All in all I will have to say it’s been a great experience.  I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you:

– Need to lose a few pounds

-Are sick of rough nights

-Feel sluggish and lethargic

-Training for an athletic event

-Going through a rough patch: alcohol is a depressant and if you are already sad or down, it’s a good idea to take a leave of absence

It is definitely a challenge, but it’s worth the trouble and you can learn a lot about yourself and others in the process.


One thought on “No Vino.

  1. Good for you, lady! I’ve gone sans alcohol several times in month-long streaks… the questions are never fun (people get so judge-y!), but it leaves you feeling and looking great 🙂

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