Who Inspires you?

Who inspires you? Is it someone famous? Or has accomplished a great amount of success? or may be its a best friend.  Do they touch you in a way that moves you to act?…whoever this person is, it is important to revisit them and revisit them often.

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily treadmill of life sleep, eat, work REPEAT. It gets boring and predictable and having these “figures” in our lives move us to go beyond and to think BIGGER, BE GREATER, and stop living in mediocrity but striving for more.

I guess what I am getting at here is that there are two people whom in the last few years (2) have been drivers in my life and happen to have some kick ass blogs of their own.

Erin K

Erin and I worked together at Lululemon Athletica.  She is an active cyclist, runner and yogi and has her masters in communication and is beautiful and has great style and it goes on and on.  Anyways, I feel like we have a lot in common (in both our love of getting sweaty and our gluten free diets) if you are familiar with Lululemon, they are HUGE on goal setting.  I remember reading Erin’s goals and was instantly inspired by her ambition in doing an Ironwoman and her hefty weekly mileage on her bike.


Jen S

I shadowed Jen at Experience Life Magazine’s office in Minnie.  Jen is a Senior Editor at Experience Life Magazine. Jen is badass.  She played rugby in college, cross fits, and was the first to introduce me to coconut oil (and for this I am thankful.) Jen travels to LA often and gets to attend tons of fitness and health conventions where she is uber knowledgeable about everything health related.


Cameron Diaz (yes I went there)

Last but not least, I do, with a bit of hesitation, have envied a famous person for some time now…actually, since this is already going to be embarrassing, probably since junior high when I watched The Mask about 10 times.  Cameron Diaz- Effortless beauty, thin and toned, surfer, beach blonde, classy, I envy her style and spunk.  She may not be professionally inspirational-since clearly acting is not my forte, but she is for me personally.

I believe we all secretly envy someone that seems to encapsulate the way we want to look.  Some may call it fashion, I just think she is gorgeous and what girl doesn’t want to feel amazingly beautiful?

Who inspires you? Revisit these people and revisit them often.


One thought on “Who Inspires you?

  1. Candice, I am SO flattered that I’m someone who inspires you! You made my day – heck, you made my month! So, so sweet. For the record, you’re crazy inspiring, too! Your ambition + positive energy are off-the-charts. And, I so admire that you following your dreams and living in Cali. That.Is.Awesome. Can I come visit soon? 🙂

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