Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Today is officially the first day of summer! YES, and while I find myself anxiously awaiting a break from the action, the reality sets in that this summer will be the first summer that there is really going to be no break…(clearly I miss school) anyways, I now live for the weekends; Saturday and Sunday have become my days of bliss: Yoga, Philz coffee (Large Tesora)  long runs, dates, and bonding time with friends.

So in order to make the best use of the next three months I have compiled a list of must’s for this summer.  I am excited to get crackin’

-Surf in Santa Cruz (at least twice)

– Hal Hagdon’s Marathon Training

-Go to an outdoor concert

-Make Sushi with Becca, Michelle, and Lisa.

-Run the golden gate bridge

-Finish 2 oil paintings

-Read Imagine, the book.

– Vinyasa 2x week

-Go out Salsa Dancing in San Francisco

– Have a picnic on a hike in Marin

– Declare what I want to get a master’s in: creative writing or counseling

-Have a Mexican fiesta at the Fishbacks; tequila, guac, salsa, and dancing.

– Drink enough wine where I have to be carried home (we all need this at least once a summer)

– Have a beach picnic

– Date with my brother in uptown

-Calhoun with my mom

-Driving range with my Dad

– Take the Jeep to Santa Cruz with Annie

– Write one short story

– Yoga with Megan

…That’s what I have for now, what’s your summer agenda?


3 thoughts on “Endless Summer

  1. I LOVE this, Candice! Your summer musts are fabulous and inspiring… definitely writing my own summer musts list, too 🙂 What marathon are you running?

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