So Good

“You’re so good” a co-worker announces as I walk into the office all disheveled, three bags hanging from my shoulder.  My hair is semi-wet and my cheeks a pale pink from my morning workout.

I laugh and I said “yea, you know, gotta do it”

It’s strange because this one statement has stuck with me for a week.  I’ve analyzed it and thought about it over and over, this concept of “good” and its association with exercise.

I have come to the conclusion she could have meant a couple things by this:

  1. Your “good” for exercising and I am “bad” because I don’t
  2. Your so “good” to your body as a compliment
  3. Your “good” for squeezing in an early morning workout

Perhaps I am taking it too far, but it really caught me off guard.

Since when did exercise or physical activity become a “good” thing?  It has always been good but has changed over the years.  Back in the day there was no “exercise” it was built into our day.  There wasn’t cars to get places in, people didn’t work as many desk jobs, there was no need to set aside specific time to move our bodies.

I would like to think of exercise like brushing your teeth.  Would you think brushing your teeth is a good thing that you just choose to do some days and not others?… No, you do it every day.  There are no questions asked because it’s routine.  I think we should approach movement the same way.   It should be a part of our day and we do it not because its “good” but because it’s a necessity.


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