The word brings to mind the famous Britney Spears song with the words “don’t you know that your toxic”.  This song reminds me of getting ready in the morning for high school.  I would have my hair straightener in hand and my holey Hollister jeans on with the CD player blasting Britney.

I no longer listen to Britney Spears but I had to let go of toxic friends and relationships.  I use to be (and still partially am) a people pleaser.  I didn’t care how others treated me and just wanted to be liked.  I would mold my personality to that of others.  I wanted their approval and took pride by being liked by many. 

Afterall, more is better right? Wrong.  As I have gotten older, and (I would like to think) wiser I have stopped trying to be the pleaser and started to limit myself and my time to those in my life that I love.

Are you in a relationship that brings you down? Bringing more frustration and sadness into your life then happiness?  Is a friendship causing you more pain and stress then necessary? Are you being ditched by a supposed “best friend” because she/he is always busy? All of this can be “let go”. 

Getting rid of the crappy friendship and relationships in your life gives you more time to spend with the people who motivate you, better you, and grow you as a person. 

Recently, I have invested a lot of time and energy into a close knit circle of about five girls.  These girls have my back; they would bail me out if my car got stuck, they would make sure I got home safe if I drank too much wine, and they would never be “too busy” to have some quality girl time.  

The work week is long, life is short, and time is precious.  Spend your time and energy on those who spend it on you.


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