Christmas in June

Sitting under the Christmas tree, two years ago laid a flashy pair of swim goggles.  Yes, I am sad to say those same goggles are still in their package; unused, unopened, and intricately tied together in the case.

After spending a semester abroad, with easy access to a lap pool I discovered swimming.  A friend I met was an avid swimmer and motivated me to do a couple laps.  I loved the way my body moved through the water.  The lapping sound of the water was therapeutic and easy on my overrun joints.

Upon coming back from Australia I asked for a pair of goggles.  I thought the present would help motivate me to take up swimming in the states. This was wishful thinking because:

A) I don’t own a swimsuit appropriate for swimming laps (Bikini’s, hello, hoochi two pieces) 

B) Minnesota is cold and it takes a lot more effort to jump into indoor tundra then an outdoor pool in a tropical paradise

C) My avid swimmer friend was far, far away

D) Signing up for a road race was much more appealing than getting on suit and swimming with the old ladies and gents at the health club.

Fast forward to the here and now and I am going to give it another go.  This time it is going to be different.  My plan is simple; I am going to take some money from my 8 to 5 paycheck to purchase a two piece speedo, use an old swim cap from when I was on a swim team for a whole week (when I was 13.) and of course tear open the goggles from two years ago.

Post Pay-day I will be adding swimming to the mix of endorphin pumping exercise, kickboard optional.




One thought on “Christmas in June

  1. Yay, Candice! Swimming is such a nice compliment to pavement pounding. Agreed… I love the feeling of my body gliding through the water; it’s so peaceful. I can relate to the swimsuit, too… earlier this year, I bought my first ONE PIECE since I was 11!

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