It takes internal drive (awareness that change is necessary) and action (the physical effort to actually make change happen) to successfully execute change.  This is why people fail to successfully make changes in their lives.  They may have the inner drive but lack action.

Unsuccessful Change:

Janelle’s doctor tells her she is at risk for diabetes.  He recommends that Janelle start exercising to help control her weight.  Janelle is aware that her energy has been low and feels exhausted half way through the day.  Janelle rationalizes that she just doesn’t have time right now.  Months go by and she keeps putting off exercise and instead goes home to her television.

Successful Change:

Chad hates his job as an accountant at a firm in the city.  For the last two years he has been a math tutor at a local library and loves connecting with the kids and feels great at his ability to help them understand the equations. The kids love Chad and Chad wishes he could devote more of his day to tutoring students.  Chad signs up for night classes and goes to night school until he finished his teaching degree.  Chad eventually quits his accounting job and starts work at a local elementary school where he gets to teach math all day.  Chad is not only passionate about his job but creates and helps fund a math center at his school.

Change is difficult but we need both an internal motivation and action for it to be successful.  If you find yourself constantly trying to change the same thing; perhaps you are not ready for the change or deep down don’t want to change.  I believe the most common excuses for successful change is: fear of failure, others judgment, finances, and time. So what’s holding you back?



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