Attitude of Gratitude

Week to week our attitudes change; events occur, workloads fluctuate, relationships go good and then bad. 

It’s hard to maintain equilibrium in a world of constant change.

One thing that helps keep the glass half- full is developing a positive mindset. 

And no, I am not saying that this is something to have all the time because it’s not realistic.  I mean who can try to remain positive when sometimes you truly have a bad day. 

Think about it: got up late for work, hit traffic, was late to work, had to skip lunch to make up for missed work- from being late to work ect. Somedays get the best of us and its hard to muster up any positivity.

However, one thing that makes me more aware of the good things is writing 5 things I am grateful for every week.

There is an app for this…its called “Be More Thankful”

These are the things that made my top five this week:

1.  Dancing in the kitchen

2. Guacamole

3. International men (clearly I am not censoring this)

4. good friends (30 min car talks at very inconvenient time, thanks Michelle)

5. my inner sunshine (yea, Im deep)

This has become a Sunday night ritual.  I create my top 5 every week and then when something shitty happens I go back to my list.

Try it.


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