Superfood Soup and Happy 4th

2 words, Rich Roll Loving his story and the new recipe book that he and his wife created out of their neat home in the sweet sunshine state of Cali.  His book, “Finding Ultra” should be making its way into my mailbox stat and I am looking forward to reading it after I finish … Continue reading Superfood Soup and Happy 4th


The Scarcity Mindset

Let me preface this by mentioning, I have just finished one load of laundry and onto number dos.  I’ve got dinner ready and the evening sky is rather pretty right now, but after living 28 years as a creative right side brain dominate gal, I know that when a topic comes up, ready to blossom, … Continue reading The Scarcity Mindset


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt= Yoga with weights= I’m done with extension teacher training (the capstone of teacher training) this week.  This has been a wild ride.  For one, I had to dust-off my textbook from 2011 and basically re-learn everything a whole 5 years later (sigh number one).  Second, I hadn’t taken a sculpt class all but, … Continue reading Yoga Sculpt


1 Year = 365 Possibilities

Years from now I want to look back at my life with my espresso next to me and my bright pink orthopedic grandma shoes and think “what a wild, beautiful ride”.  I want to reminisce on the boundaries I pushed both mentally and physically. I have no time for excuses and limitations, in fact when … Continue reading 1 Year = 365 Possibilities



I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time.  During my journey to strong, I have sweat, grit, and new calluses.  I have also learned an incredible amount of patience (yes). I use to think that running my way to slim was the answer.  In fact, I grueled through 8 mile runs every other … Continue reading #Strongproblems