Oh, where to begin.  Summer has ended and fall is right around the corner.  I’ve already been to the Apple Orchard and can’t wait to purchase some new sweaters and knee highs this year to add to my cool weather wardrobe.

Pinetree Apple Orchard

I ran a half marathon on September 11th.  It was my first long run in two years! Feels good to be running long distances and putting some good mileage on my Asics.  I am not going to lie, it was probably my slowest half marathon I have ever run, but…it gives me extra motivation to do another half or full (can’t decide yet) in the spring.

Obsessed with Asics!

On another topic, It’s been on my to-dos to give All Things Yogi a new look.  I hope you like it and I will be writing more often so your inbox’s get All Things Yogi love once and a while.  I’m also going to be taking some more pictures because I have fully converted over to Apple and who doesn’t love some good pics?!

On the fitness and yogi front, I have been spending a lot of time in the weight room.  In fact, today was leg and chest day and it was about an hour and fourty-five minutes of hitting the iron and nice jog after.  I have been working my ass off and I am happy with my continued progress.  I’ve said it before and will say it again, fitness is a life-long journey.  Over the years I have been changing it up to challenge my body and avoid injury (I’ve learned my lesson). I haven’t been going to a yoga studio or really going to classes as of late for that matter, but my room has become my studio.  My favorite poses are legs up the wall, rabbit, and bridge.  I find these poses are often what my body craves and are energizing after a long day.

I hope your pre-fall is off to a great start and that you got to enjoy the sweetness of summer. I’m happy to be back writing and wish you a wonderful, relaxing Sunday.


Superfood Soup and Happy 4th

2 words, Rich Roll

Loving his story and the new recipe book that he and his wife created out of their neat home in the sweet sunshine state of Cali.  His book, “Finding Ultra” should be making its way into my mailbox stat and I am looking forward to reading it after I finish “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.

As you may have surmised, I am an avid reader and simply cannot get enough of people who write books that not only motivate me but share their own story of crossing finish lines, and basically proving themselves and the world that their far more capable than the limitations they and others put upon themselves.

Amidst listening to podcasts, music downloads, and exploring new recipes, like my new fav Superfood Soup (the picture for this post) I am creating and practicing a yoga routine for try-outs, running, cooking, and outdoorsing.  Ufta, loving it.

The theme of this summer and year has been facing my fears and just going for it. I am doing this with yoga and a few other things at the moment and I can only pass the message on that you should too.  Afterall, our time on this earth is limited and what is standing between you and where you want to be?

Below are a few pictures from summer. Enjoy the 4th

White Bear Lake Sunset Summer 2016


Last nights din din


friends pool
IMG_1207 (1)
My fav breakfast spot, also known as mi casa



The Scarcity Mindset

Let me preface this by mentioning, I have just finished one load of laundry and onto number dos.  I’ve got dinner ready and the evening sky is rather pretty right now, but after living 28 years as a creative right side brain dominate gal, I know that when a topic comes up, ready to blossom, with its creativity and noteworthiness- I can do nothing else but succumb to the keyboard and hope that the words get onto the page somewhat legibly.

The scarcity mindset is toxic.  It thrives in the American culture and manifests itself into the messages we see and hear in so many ways that we oftentimes forget that we have a choice to either follow pursuit or take the road less traveled. Let me break it down: I’m not healthy enough, I’m not thin enough, I’m not rich enough, I’m not driving a nice car, there aren’t enough hours in the day, I need more Apple products to stay current, I’m not working out enough.  The common theme here is the need for more.

I feel this same concept holds true with the scarcity mindset.  Nothing will ever be enough.  I argue this is a frustrating, exhausting, and unfulfilling way to live.

Instead of slipping into the norm and putting your energy into “more” perhaps you need to evaluate your values and figure out what is enough for you. If you don’t know yet, be patient, lean in to the things that spark your interest, bring you joy, and fulfil you.  To help get you started, I’ve started something to get you thinking…

Values/ Things of importance in my life:

Time with immediate family

Love from others and to others

Time outdoors

Physical activity both relaxing and challenging

Comfortable, warm, bright colored living space

1:1 time with my boyfriend

If you take a look at this list its pretty simple.  I think you will find that yours is too.

That’s all I got tonight, thanks for reading.




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Abundance Mentality




Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt= Yoga with weights= I’m done with extension teacher training (the capstone of teacher training) this week.  This has been a wild ride.  For one, I had to dust-off my textbook from 2011 and basically re-learn everything a whole 5 years later (sigh number one).  Second, I hadn’t taken a sculpt class all but, maybe, twice since getting into running and now weight lifting (sigh number two). Third, I have been teaching a segment(s) of a community yoga class for the past few Sundays with my fellow (amazing) teachers in training.

I cannot even begin to describe to you the feeling of thirty pairs of eyes watching you (and trusting in you) to guide them through class.  It is wicked scary, amazingly nerve-wracking, and downright sweet at the same time!

It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when your venture outside your comfort zone and dip your toes into something completely new.

I have learned:

  • The necessity of throwing myself into the new: I’m talking out of comfort zone, new skill, new experience type of adventure
  • No matter how much public speaking you have under your belt…instructing a fitness class takes a whole new form of confidence
  • My ability to spread laughter, energy, and positivity to anyone I have the opportunity to teach
  • I will forever be listening to music, counting out the beat, and categorizing it based on the segment it can be placed in a class
  • I tend to speed up when I am nervous, but slowing down challenges the muscles more and this is something I have to work on
  • I will be practicing night and day so that I can try out and be on a local studios schedule on a consistent basis
  • I will forever be perfecting my craft and each student will bring me closer to being the best instructor I can be

On another note, things are warming up her in Minnie and it’s been awesome.  I love summers in Minnesota because of the lakes and greenery.  It truly is a beautiful state for at least three months of the year (natives get my drift).  Hopefully, you too can take on something new this summer. I challenge you to pick up a new skill, explore a new area or pick up a new hobby.  Honestly, it makes for a fun, wild, and amazing ride.





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1 Year = 365 Possibilities

Years from now I want to look back at my life with my espresso next to me and my bright pink orthopedic grandma shoes and think “what a wild, beautiful ride”.  I want to reminisce on the boundaries I pushed both mentally and physically.

I have no time for excuses and limitations, in fact when I sense myself facing something sheepishly, I lean in a little more.

Of course, it has taken me years to get to a place where I welcome fear, but I have found that the things that I tend to fear are the very things that give me the most growth and push me to the next level.

I am talking about…

Writing a book

Dating the guy

Doing that workout

Moving to the state that felt like home

Confronting a friend

Saying “no”

Being authentic, without apologie

Enrolling yourself in the class you have debated about for YEARS

I think you get the drift.  I hope what you’re getting from this is the cheerleader from the side lines saying, like the brand Nike, “Just do it”.

I signed up for Yoga teacher training and boom just like that, after 5 years of fear, excuses, and just plain angst its happening in one week.

Onward and upward C.


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I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time.  During my journey to strong, I have sweat, grit, and new calluses.  I have also learned an incredible amount of patience (yes).

I use to think that running my way to slim was the answer.  In fact, I grueled through 8 mile runs every other day on top of other training and super long run Saturdays. I loved the endorphins, but after time my knees said no more…and my feet amongst several other things. The outcome to strong has been healthier mentally, physically, and I am leaner now than I ever was running marathons and half marathons.

Therefore, I would like to share some funny moments along the way.

  1. Woke up flawlessly to a sweater that didn’t fit in my bicep region (no complaints, but many giggles)
  2. The moment when you wish there were pants made for strong legs and a little waist, what would we call these? Leggies? Strong legswear?
  3. When your body fat percentage decreases and lean mass increases #gainz
  4. You realize you ate more beef then your honey who is 2x the size of you #cantgetenoughprotein
  5. People start thinking your taller (um yes, hit my 2nd growth spurt, thank you) false, it’s all about the posture.
  6. Contemplated the idea of lifting shoes over my beloved Asics
  7. Pray to the pant gods that people can’t see through my lululemon’s during deadlift
  8. Celebrate a heavier lift with a slight fist pump
  9. Avoid the restroom to avoid the pain of sitting on the potty (holy lunges)
  10. The moment you lift a heavy box and decided to put it down and pick it up again #yesididthat

What has your journey to strong been about? Are you looking to get fit?  Pick up some weights and enjoy the journey and (many) giggles along the way.


Tampa, Florida 3/15/16

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You are much stronger then you think, in fact, remember that nasty flu bug that you thought you wouldn’t live through? Or what about that break up that left your heart in shambles? the weight that you swear you couldn’t lift?  The extra mile that you didn’t feel you could run?

My guess is despite your self- doubt you had the strength to power through it.  Somewhere deep down you mustered up the strength to stick it out.  I feel like we need to be reminded of this.  It’s is so darn easy to backout and play small.  It is so easy to be mediocre, not get into much trouble, and play it safe, but like the flu, weight, and extra mile they go away in a matter of minutes perhaps hours or days.  The same is true with life.

 I don’t know about you but I wasn’t born to live my life to play small and quit at the first sign of adversity.

It’s good to throw yourself a curve ball once in a while, take a risk, a leap or whatever you want to call it.  These steps will push you forward and make life interesting.

Embrace change and learn from every failure or hiccup.  I feel these two are a winning combination for a person who can and will achieve what they want in life.


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I love to hate the site that brings me “closer” to my friends and family, yet pulls me away from being present.  You can be sitting anywhere, and with a few swipes you are divulging into someone else’s thoughts, meals, selfies, and mindless chatter.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I made a promise to one another to not be on our phones when were together.  There were a few exceptions of course, which included, making social plans with friends or talking to a family member (his are across the world). I took this special agreement one step further and have taken a much needed break from Facebook.  At the end of the day, I am not gaining anything from seeing what everyone else is up to.  In fact, it’s getting in the way of what I am up to and the precious and important people around me. It has made me realize who the people are, in my life, no matter what amount of Facebooking I am doing.  For example,

“Hey, are you coming to my party Monday?” ….(Oops, no Facebook)

My reply, “Yes, wouldn’t miss it, but did miss hearing about it on Facebook”

Amidst missing pictures, comments, and likes my profile picture is still from early winter and my background is an old and outdated version of this very blog.  I feel behind! But am I?  I have to check in with myself and how freaking stupid this thought is.  Really?  In reality, I am behind in my day to day activities that require my full attention like the conversation I am having with my brother just as my phone chimes with a new text message.  I am in control of taking out the interruptions in my life and am happy to sign out, silence, and turn off my phone to be present.

A co-worker of mine has since taken a break from Facebook and her sister too.  You know what their finding? More time.  Yes, more time to do things they enjoy.

I am not saying Facebook is evil because it has connected and reconnected me with friends that I dearly miss and have little to no communication with, but, it has taken precious time away from my day to day life that I am getting back one minute at a time.

Presently yours,




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Strong: A letter to Teenage Girls

Hi, from over here, this comfy couch that I got for a steal with tangerine orange pillows.  I’m guessing you’re at the stage where you’re figuring a lot of stuff out.  I get it, I’ve been there. I wish I would have read something like this letter when I was your age.  I’ll try to keep this short because I know your generation is a little bit hasty.

Be friends with people outside of your friend group (click).  I know this may seem hard, but you miss out on so many great friendships when you seclude yourself from others and stick to the same group of friends.  Embrace people’s differences and learn to enjoy getting to know others because you will be doing this for the rest of your life.

Learn to love your body.  I know, I know this is a hard one-but trust me on this.  There is only one beautiful you -cherish your body, nourish it, and take care of it.  Eat real foods, and stay active.  Moderation and balance is key-ultimately you will be happier and healthier if you take this approach (I promise).

Push yourself sign up for a new sport, take an advanced class, join a club, and push your boundaries. There is no better time to dive right in.

Excuses you got em’?  Than get rid of them.  Take full responsibility for your life.  Own it.  Feeling sorry for yourself never got anyone anywhere.  Its tough love, but you will thank me later.

Be strong stick up for yourself, speak up, and stand up for what you believe in, do what’s right and don’t apologize.  There’s nothing more beautiful than a strong woman, both physically and mentally you will feel invincible.  In fact, people will respect you more because of it.

Word hard– hard work is sexy.  It feels good to do it because you know you deserve a good outcome.  It feels pretty nasty when you know you could have done better so why take the risk? Those who hustle feel at peace.

Through every failure there is success.   If you fail, get right back up and understand that it’s a learning process.  It is through failure that we learn so don’t be afraid to fail.

Last, follow your happiness.  Do what brings you joy.  The people you meet with the bright eyes, genuine smile, and blissed out heart are your role models.  Choose happiness always.

I wish you the best in your journey.